The Joneses

Who are the Joneses? They’re the family right down the street that just bought that new car. Every time they take it out for a spin you swear birds start singing. They’re the neighbor you have that always has a toy. Be it a boat, an RV, or a hoverboard. They’re the friends you’ve had for years who are always buying the newest video game system, purses, dresses, jewelry, bikes, tv’s or jacuzzi’s.

They’re the incarnate form of jealousy. It’s not a bad thing to have some joneses in your life. It’s just hard to not want what they have.

Who really are the Joneses?

The average American has a household net worth of $81,200. This is better broken down by age:


“What’s in your wallet?” … Or your net worth

  • For those of us who are younger than 35:  $6,682
  • For those spry mid-lifers between 35 – 44: $35,000
  • For those gentlemen/gentlewomen between 45- 54: $84,542
  • For those starting to figure shit out between 55-64: $144,200
  • And let us not forget our retired generals older than 65: $171,135


The best savings plan

To put this into a bit of perspective, if you saved one cheeseburger, one grilled cheese, and two milk shakes a week ($17.50) from ages 30 to 65, and put that money into an index fund, you would have saved $271,900 by retirement. I call this, “The cheeseburger, grilled cheese and milk shake savings plan™”. It’s a work in progress.


Why chase a Jones?

Average is overweight, Average is indebted, Average is unable to get through a job loss that is greater than 3 months. Average… Kind of sucks.

The Joneses are a dangerous thing. A drug of sorts. The first step to figuring out a plan is to kick the habit. Don’t look up to your peers, have them look up to you.  The best part is that the Jones won’t be able to Jones it up in retirement.  But the rest of us will.


Life Pro Tip – Joneses Style

The Jones make great best friends.  No reason to let that boat/jacuzzi/VR system go to waste now.  Feel free to bring a pizza and chill lavishly with your new besties 🙂


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