Invest Like a Smarty How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. ~Robert G. Allen

Invest Like a Smarty

Original Article Posted On: February 23rd, 2014
Article Last Updated On: May 1st, 2017

Notice how everyone seems to have one of those “I almost invested in XYZ company back in the day before they went big.” It’s a damnable shame that we didn’t have the presence of mind 10 years ago to buy apple at $7 or Google when they tried to sell themselves to Excite for $750,000 or in my very own case, Chipotle.  It seems that all of our pre-cognition skills are just not up to par. Let’s be honest, if they were you’d be going straight to the lotto numbers and shying away from my little blog.

But that’s just the problem… I can’t see the future and I sure don’t have the time to research a company well enough to trust that I’ll have any clue what I’m doing.  Plenty of experts (anyone heard of Warren Buffet?) agree that it’s just not feasible for the little guy to get ahead by picking individual stocks anymore.  I myself invest primarily in markets, but follow an amalgam of lazy portfolios that are capable of keeping myself sane. On top of all of that a man needs a little play money just so they can shoot for the next Chipotle (damn you delicious quesarito).

If anything above was confusing don’t worry, I’m here to walk you step by step through a basic intro to investing. What are options, ETF’s, index funds, and all that jazz?  What is buying, selling, shorting, leveraging, etc?  Yes, these words will impact your investment life so it’s good to have a general understanding of all of them. Then we can throw them out the window and do things the easy way.