Original Article Posted On: January 27th, 2014
Article Last Updated On: March 24th, 2017

What is the Purpose of this Website?

I’ve been following personal finance books/blogs/radio shows for close to 10 years.  Like any good layman I have heard the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” philosophy about 100 times, and it got me to thinking… If I spread my wealth primarily into the entire stock market (which seems to be common advice) I would be fearing that a crash (like we just had) doesn’t happen to me around retirement.  Imagine losing 30% of your portfolio a year before you were hitting retirement. Scary thought right?

I started wondering how I could diversify further to avoid any negative repercussions from one market having difficulties and came up with the following idea.

1/3 of my money into stocks/bonds;
1/3 of my money into real estate;
1/3 of my money into a business

As far as my research shows, there are housing booms and busts, the stock market will go up and down, and even businesses have their slow years. But these will rarely occur concurrently. This distribution is a goal at retirement, not a goal every step along the way (I don’t have three buckets titled stock, real estate, and business and put a dollar in each one at a time).  And this website/blog was started to follow my progress and gives advice I’ve picked up along the way.

So in order to do that I’ve broken this website up into three parts:

  1. The fancy online book portion of this site. Notice the 8 categories on the front page (Lift off, Saving, Investing, Retirement, Real Estate, etc..)? I am going to treat this portion of the website as if I’m writing a book (who knows, one day it may be a book). These are the chapters I see being necessary to financial success.  And a financial success in my eyes is defined as being in a position where one or even two markets crashing would not effect your ability to retire.  And they will continuously be updated to reflect peoples recommendations and questions.
  2. The blog portion of the site.  Aside from the online book sections, I will also from time to time blog regarding updates in my financial journey and also answer peoples questions I receive via email, comments, or even questions via smoke signals (i’m rather adept in smoke signals).
  3. Due to my engineering background, I have created a lot of spreadsheets to track my progress, and evaluate different opportunities.  I”ll be adding these spreadsheets to the blog over time for everyone to use with instructions on how to use them.  I’ll do my best to not over-engineer this website but it’s hard for a numbers guy not to think in numbers.

Why is this even worth my time?

I love reading personal finance blogs. But one issue I have is it’s incredibly hard to remember where you saw that awesome article on rental properties, or when your favorite author posted about what credit card to use.

I would like to fix that by basing a large part of my work in an easy to follow, updated format.  You have questions about Real Estate, head on over to our section on real estate.  I won’t just write the articles and leave them be either. My plan is to constantly update these sections as I learn more.  Think of it as an ever changing book. I may not update the blog as often as some of my favorite writers (they’ve got an energizer bunny inside them as far as I can tell), but what I said on the front page of the site is true:

This is a handy, dandy encyclopedia to financial success.



Give me the short and dirty version

Basically this site has been setup as a how-to guide. Go to the home page and follow the sections i’ve laid out in order (starting with “Lift Off”).  Learn from my mistakes and with time my successes will become your successes.

Thank you for taking interest in my website and I’m always available to answer questions.


A little bit about me

A lot more of my background can be found on our story page.  The short is that my wife and I are Dual Income One  Kid (DIoKs?).  We are both in our early 30’s, making good money, and with that in mind we are looking at different ways to invest while we have the golden goose (both our jobs are very good to us).  This website and blog were created to track how we ourselves our investing, and any ideas we have for future investing.